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What our expert thought of Adalia, Valpolicella

the tasting

The Tasting

A translucent ruby with a purple tinge, this is the colour of red cherries.
The nose is delightfully fresh and very fruity. Cherries (black and red) and raspberries are backed by a floral note of violets and a waft of fresh herbs. It’s very youthful, and obviously unoaked.
The palate is light-bodied with fresh acidity and lots of juicy red fruit: mostly raspberry with some sour cherry in there too. The flavours are really pure – clean and refreshing, with very light tannins.
There's a hint of pomegranate on the mouthwatering, medium-length finish, which ends with a distinct flavour of almonds.


This is textbook Valpolicella, with mouthwatering freshness combined with sour cherry and almond flavours. At 12% this is stronger than most, reflecting the warm 2015 vintage and the favoured aspect of the hillside vineyard. That ripeness also shows up in the intensity of the flavours and the way the nose has black cherries as well as red.
Despite that intensity and ripeness this wine never loses its purity or its lovely lightness of touch. You just know that it’s going to complement rather than clash with any dish you choose to pair it with.

Tasting notes

clear light (pale+) ruby, purple tinge, cherry-coloured

Intensity medium

Aromas cherries (black and red), raspberries, violets, fresh herbs. Unoaked and very primary

Development youthful

Sweetness dry

Acidity high

Body light

Tannins very light

Intensity medium+

Flavours red fruits (raspberry, sour cherry), juicy & refreshing

Length medium

Flavours as palate, pomegranate, ends on almonds. Mouthwatering
Other notes
Great freshness & purity

Decanting Club expert
Enjoying his work

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