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Castello di Ama, Rosato

Castello di Ama, Rosato

a pedigree pink from the Castle of Love

Our third and final rosé of the summer comes from top Chianti Classico estate Castello di Ama - the Castle of Love.  Appropriately enough for a wine from such a famous bloodline, it’s made by the saignée  method, which means “bleeding”.  Made from exactly the same vines that produce Castello di Ama’s legendary reds, its pedigree is impeccable.
In comparative tastings this wine has several times been acclaimed as Italy’s best rosé.  It’s also a personal favourite of our expert, who’s been buying it himself for at least a decade.
Serve this dry and serious rosé only lightly chilled: around 12°C.
Unusually for a pink, this needs food.  Fortunately it goes with everything, from fish to red meats.  It would be perfect with smoked salmon, or spicy Oriental prawns.

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You can certainly enjoy this wine well-chilled on a summer’s day, but you’d be missing out on a lot of the subtleties.  To fully appreciate them you have to serve it at a similar temperature to a great white Burgundy, or a light red: 12°C to 13°C.  Give the pouch five minutes out of the fridge on a chopping board, or twice that long if you pour it straight into a glass.
Most rosés are designed to be drunk on their own: this one is built for food.  Food softens its more serious aspects and makes it taste sweeter, though do taste at least the first mouthful without food so you can evaluate it properly.
Hovering as it does between a red and a white, this is a wine that will go with anything from fish to red meats.  It would make a great choice in a restaurant where everyone in the party orders something different.
It’s particularly useful for those dishes that blur the distinction between red- and white-friendliness: meaty fish like tuna, delicate white meats like grilled chicken salads, or vegetarian dishes in general.  It’s well-suited to spices and can stand up to strong flavours.
It would suit smoked salmon really well, especially with those hard-to-match classic accompaniments of capers, lemon, dill and crème fraîche.  Richly-flavoured shellfish are another great pairing, even those with some chilli heat in the sauce: try it with Szechuan prawns.

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AppellationToscana IGT
Castello di Ama
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