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Suertes del Marqués, 7 Fuentes

Suertes del Marqués, 7 Fuentes

a feral red from a fiery mountain

The mighty active volcano Mount Teide is Spain’s highest mountain – but it sits far out in the Atlantic on the island of Tenerife.  To its rugged slopes cling ancient, ungrafted vines, some over a century old.  Grapes from these local varieties have been fermented with their natural yeasts to produce this exciting red.  Made by the island’s top producer, it tastes as wild and untamed as the landscape it comes from.
Give this fresh and aromatic red at least five minutes air before drinking it at cool room temperature: 16°C to 17°C.
Try this with flavoursome meat dishes or spicy stews, like a tagine.  Or nibble on bread, cheese and charcuterie.

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Despite this wine being fresh, unoaked and medium-bodied, its gutsy flavours still suit a serving temperature more appropriate to a big red: around 17°C.
The bold, spicy flavours of this wine call for similar flavours in the food.  This would make it a great match for spicy stews like tagine, which would be especially appropriate given Tenerife’s proximity to Morocco.  Richly flavoured meat dishes like game or duck would also make good partners.
If you just want something to nibble on, try meaty tapas.  Crusty bread, semi-hard cheese and cured meats like salami or chorizo would be perfect.

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AppellationValle de La Orotava DO
Listán Negro
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Tintilla / Trousseau / Bastardo
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Suertes del Marqués
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