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The Flower and the Bee, Treixadura

The Flower and the Bee, Treixadura

golden nectar from Galicia's other grape

White from Galicia?  It must be Albariño, of course.  Not so!  Albariño rules on the Atlantic coast but further inland, in Ribeiro DO, they use other varieties. Chief amongst them is this one, the Treixadura.
If you expect all Galician white to be pale and delicate, you’re in for a surprise.  This golden nectar packs quite a punch.
Despite its big flavours, this unoaked and lemony white works best served quite cool: 9°C to 10°C.
Although lovely just on its own, this white really shines with tapas-y nibbles like salted almonds and olives – and sunshine, if you can find any.  It’s great with not-too-delicate seafood – try paella.

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Despite its full-bodied intensity, this wine benefits from being served quite cool to emphasise its refreshing character: 9°C or 10°C.
I keep seeing slices of lemon whenever I taste this!  They might be in a summery salad, especially beside some fresh or fried seafood.  This is a terrific seafood wine, although its big flavours mean you shouldn’t pair it with anything too delicate.  The bold flavours of paella would be perfect, and properly Spanish too.

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AppellationRibeiro DO
Treixadura / Trajadura
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Coto de Gomariz
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