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Alvaro Castro Dão White

Alvaro Castro Dão White

the white sheep of the family

High in the Beira Alta region of Portugal’s interior, where sheep roam the hillsides, lie the vineyards that produce Dão, the country's best known red wine.  But not quite all of them are planted with black grapes.  Although heavily outnumbered by its red brothers, there is such a beast as white Dão.
And this is one of the best, produced by Alvaro Castro, whose red Outeiro we featured a few months ago.  It comes from vineyards that are certified organic, so after the harvest they use animals to crop the weeds and fertilise the soil through the winter.  Which animals?  Why, white sheep, of course!
Serve this fresh and fragrant white fairly cool, around 10°C.
Delicious on its own, this will also pair well with white meats, salads and seafood, especially if there are citrus flavours in the dish.  Try it with gravadlax or ceviche.

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Despite the full flavours this unoaked white remains fresh and zippy and benefits from being served quite cool to emphasise those.  That doesn’t mean fridge temperature, which at about 5°C is far too cold.  Around 10°C is about right.  Give the pouch three or four minutes out of the fridge before pouring.  If the glass mists up then it’s still too cold.
You don’t need food for this wine, but its clean citrus flavours and high acidity will pair well with most dishes.  Its summery nature suits salads, especially ones featuring grilled white meats or seafood.  It has the punch to cut through fried fish too.
Citrus flavours in the food will echo those in the wine.  White Dão has a particular affinity with dill, so this would work especially well with gravadlax.  The main export markets for Portuguese wine today are actually the Portuguese-speaking parts of South America, and I bet this would be brilliant with ceviche.

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AppellationDão DOP
Cerceal Branco
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Boal / Malvasia Fina
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Alvaro Castro
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