Basque Country wine region

Basque Country
The Basque Country (Pais Vasco in Spanish, Euskadi in Basque) is located on Spain’s northern coast, adjacent to the border with France.
The climate is maritime, being heavily influenced by the Atlantic waters of the Bay of Biscay.  It’s cool by Spanish standards, with high humidity, lots of year-round rainfall, and less seasonal variation than found inland.  It shares these traits with regions like Muscadet in France, Rias Baixas in Spain, and Vinho Verde in Portugal, and produces similar wines: pale, very dry, searingly sharp, low in alcohol, often with a slight spritz, and a natural choice for seafood.
There are just three tiny D.O.s in the region, all with Txakolina in their name.  The wine they produce is called Txakoli, meaning “village wine” and can be red, white or rosé.  Most today is white, though in the past they were mainly red.  Some red is still produced today: it resembles red vinho verde, being pale and very sharp.

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