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Coffele Viticoltori
When Giovanna, last heiress of the Visco family, married Giuseppe Coffele, she brought as a dowry 25 hectares of vineyards at Castelcerino in the heart of the Soave Classico zone.  Records show the Visco family producing and selling their own “Bianco Soave” in the 1870s, but by the time of the marriage they had ceased to make wine themselves.  Although an academic by training and headmaster of the high school in Soave, Giuseppe devoted his free time to restoring the vineyards and winery, and in 1971 Giuseppe and Giovanna produced their first wine.
Their children Alberto and Chiara now manage the estate: Alberto as winemaker and his sister Chiara as business manager.  Giuseppe is still very much involved in the vineyards themselves, which face south-south-west and rise to over 400 metres, the highest in Soave Classico.  He led the conversion to eco-friendly agriculture, making Coffele the first Soave estate to be certified organic.
The wines themselves are regarded as some of the finest in the region.  Their flagship Ca’Visco Soave has been awarded the coveted Gambero Rosso “Tre Bicchiere” four times, and their sweet Recioto once.  Fifteen years ago they bought a 4 hectare vineyard at Campanio in the neighbouring Valpolicella region, just 5km from Castelcerino, and now produce both a Valpolicella and an Amarone.

Decanting Club wines made by: Coffele Viticoltori

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