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Feudi di San Gregorio 'Cutizzi' Greco di Tufo

Feudi di San Gregorio 'Cutizzi' Greco di Tufo

the great greek grape of Campania

Campania is not in Greece; it’s the lower ‘shin’ of Italy.  But it is home to the Greco (“Greek”) variety, which produces remarkably crisp, concentrated and minerally dry whites, especially when grown on volcanic soil high in the hills around the town of Tufo.
This wine, Cutizzi, is the top Greco di Tufo from one of the region’s best producers, Feudi di San Gregorio.  Serve it fairly cool: 9°C to 10°C.
Fine acidity and great balance means this will work with just about anything, from fish to white meats.  Perfect with a Caprese salad.

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Although this is a full-bodied white, it isn’t oaked and much of its appeal lies in its crisp cleanliness and ability to refresh the palate.  So serve it quite cool to emphasise that: 9°C or 10°C.  Give the pouch four minutes out of the fridge before pouring, or let the glass stand for twice that long if you do pour it immediately.  If the glass mists up then it’s too cold!
Greco di Tufo has a reputation as a food wine par excellence, and this one is no exception.  It has the palate weight to stand up to pork and poultry, and is a fine choice when the food calls for a red but you fancy a white.  Its high acidity allows it to match high-acid foods; tomatoes and sharp salad dressings hold no fears for this wine.  It will also cut through the mouth-coating effects of fatty foods: fried dishes or soft cheeses.
So pair it with fried fish or, even better, crispy fried calamari.  It’s a great white for pizza (normally more of a red wine dish) particularly those featuring olives or fresh herbs, especially basil, which echo the herbiness in the wine.  Its versatility makes it ideally suited to serving with a range of antipasti.
But perhaps the perfect pairing is Caprese salad.  This Italian classic of mozzarella, tomato and basil actually hails from Campania: Caprese means “Capri-style”, and Campania is the traditional source of buffalo mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes.
If even Caprese is too much bother, just nibble on some olives.  Black or green, they seem to have a remarkable affinity for this wine.

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AppellationGreco di Tufo DOCG
Feudi di San Gregorio
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