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Rogue Vine, Grand Itata Tinto

Rogue Vine, Grand Itata Tinto

viva la bush vine revolución!

Chilean wine is big business.  Highly mechanised, irrigated vineyards full of international varieties supply huge, high-tech, export-focused wineries.
Sticking it to the man are this tiny band of revolutionaries, who seek out forgotten vineyards planted with ancient bush vines in the Itata Valley, Chile’s oldest but least-known wine region, where the steep hillsides are still worked by hand and horse.
Fermented with wild yeasts, this handmade organic red is a world away from big-brand Chilean Merlot.  Unoaked and elegant, it should be served a little cooler than room temperature: around 16°C.
Pair this with warming winter casseroles and pies.  Shepherd’s pie would be perfect.

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The unoaked elegance of this medium-bodied red suits being served just slightly cooler than, say, a Chilean Cabernet or Shiraz.  If your pouch has warmed all the way to centrally-heated room temperature pop it in the fridge for no more than 30 seconds to cool down.
In the summertime this wine would really suit being served a bit cooler still, with cold and cured meats.  But summer is, alas, well behind us now.
Instead pair it with meat-and-two-veg style comfort food, especially warming winter casseroles and pies.  Though it has the acidity to cope with most food, avoid really bold flavours so you can appreciate its perfume.  That underrated British staple, shepherd’s pie, is exactly the right backdrop to allow this red to shine.

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