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Majoros Deák Tokaji Furmint

Majoros Deák Tokaji Furmint

orange is the new white

Orange wine isn’t made from oranges!  It’s the term for wine from white grapes but made like a red, with the skins left in the vat during fermentation.  Deep in colour and often with noticeable tannin levels, orange wines are the latest trend, though still quite under the radar.  This barrel-fermented example from Hungary is a gentle introduction to the style, and is made from the great Furmint grape.
Like the white Burgundy it resembles, this should be served cool but not cold – 10°C to 12°C.
This is a big wine that can stand up to strong flavours. Try it with smoked fish or white meats.

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Since this so resembles a good white burgundy, I expected it to work best served quite warm.  But Furmint isn’t just like Chardonnay; it also has some of the aromatic qualities of Sauvignon Blanc and the steely minerality of Riesling, which both benefit from being served a little colder.  This one seems to work best between 10°C and 12°C.  Pop the pouch in the fridge when it arrives and then give it five minutes to warm up before pouring.
Although this wine isn’t very orange it does share some of the food-friendly versatility that orange wines are famed for.  Its big, bold flavours and zippy acidity allow it match a wide variety of dishes, including those that would usually be the preserve of a red.  This is one of those rare white wines that you could successfully serve with roast beef.
More conventionally, try it with white meats like pork; or with hard-to-match smoked fish, where the smoky aromas of the wine will echo those of the dish.  If you do buy some, bring out a bottle on Christmas Day.  It’ll make the perfect partner for turkey with all the trimmings.

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AppellationTokaji Furmint
Majoros Birtok
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