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Clip do Monte da Vaia, Loureiro, Vinho Verde

Clip do Monte da Vaia, Loureiro, Vinho Verde

Most popular white of 2016

Ancient Olympians were crowned with wreaths made from laurel leaves. This thoroughly modern wine is made from the Loureiro grape, whose name means “laurel”. A true Vinho Verde (“green wine”), it has the expected razor-sharp acidity and floral nose allied to surprising mineral intensity and a medal-winning finish.

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Light-bodied, crisp, dry whites like this should be served quite cold to emphasise their freshness, but don’t go too far or you’ll lose that lovely nose and miss the subtleties of the palate.  Around 8°C or 9°C is ideal; a few minutes out of the fridge for the pouch, or a little longer if poured straight into a glass.  If the glass mists up then it’s too cold.
It’s remarkable that a wine as sharp as this can be well-balanced enough to enjoy on its own, but it is.  All you really need is sunshine, so get out into the garden with this one.  That said, it’ll be even nicer if you take a plate of olives and a bowl of salted almonds with you.
The zingy acidity and clean citrus flavours make this wine very food-friendly, especially for sharp summertime dishes like salads.  Tomatoes, vinaigrette dressings and other high-acid foods are a tricky match for most wines, but this one can stand up to them.
Fish and shellfish will work really well too, whether in sharp lemony sauces or rich creamy ones.  It will even pair well with oily and smoked fish, like the grilled sardines of its homeland.  Hard-to-match herbs like coriander and dill are no problem and, thanks to the wine’s low alcohol, neither is chilli heat.

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AppellationVinho Verde
Clip do Monte da Vaia
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