Review our wines, win a bottle!

Review our wines, win a bottle!
We would love your feedback!
Every week we read the wine reviews and ratings, and we enjoy every one of them. Our team uses the feedback to constantly improve the wines we choose, so that you and the rest of our members can have the best experience possible.
Now we would like to give something back, as a thank you. Every week we will add a bottle of wine to the mixed case of a reviewer - completely free of charge!
Click here for a previous blog on how our mixed cases work.
The lucky person will be chosen completely at random - it doesn't matter if your review is positive or negative, they are all appreciated. The winner will be announced every week, in Monday's newsletter email.
We hope this will encourage you all to review the wines every week - from a couple of words to a mini-essay, they are all really useful - many thanks.
If you’re having any issues reviewing wines or accessing the site, please let us know by emailing hello@decanting.club


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