Majoros Birtok wine producer

Majoros Birtok
László Majoros was born in Tarcal, an important village in Hungary’s famous Tokaj wine region.  His family have made wine there for generations, so he was immersed in viticulture and winemaking from an early age.  Originally part of the large Tokaj Trading House co-operative, for which he still makes the wine, the Majoros vineyards and cellars are now family-owned.  ‘Birtok’ means ‘Estate’ in Hungarian.
László makes a range of traditional dessert Tokaji wines, but he is perhaps better known for his dry whites from the Furmint variety, for which he is an enthusiastic advocate.  He made his first dry Furmint in 2001, and makes at least two single vineyard cuvées each vintage, comprising over a quarter of the estate’s annual production of 1600 cases.
Majoros Estate owns 11 acres and rents 3 more, in the famous vineyards around Tarcal: Vinnai, Kövesd, Előhegy, Agyag and Deák.  Just over half of them are Furmint, and all are farmed organically, although not certified.

Decanting Club wines made by: Majoros Birtok

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