Kayra wine producer

Turkey’s second-largest producer, Kayra is a nevertheless a great deal smaller than it used to be.  For most of the 20th Century it was the wine-producing arm of state-owned tobacco and spirits monopoly Tekel, and consequently far and away the largest producer.
It was privatised in early 2004, and aggressively downsized by its new owners to focus on quality and exports.  Seven wineries have been reduced to two: in the West, Şarköy in Thrace, and in the East, Elaziğ.  Improvements have been funded by foreign investors: first Texas Pacific Group, who brought in Californian Daniel O’Donnell as Consulting Winemaker, and latterly international drinks giant Diageo.
Still a huge operation, Kayra produce more than twenty different wines, with a particular focus on indigenous varieties like the red Öküzgözü, Boğazkere and Kalecik Karasi, and the white Narince and Emir.

Decanting Club wines made by: Kayra

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