Anatolia wine region

Anatolia is the Turkish peninsula, bordered to the north by the Black Sea, and to the west and south by the Mediterranean.  It has a very long winemaking history; Eastern Anatolia may well be where the vine was first domesticated, around 8000 years ago.
It has long been one of the world’s largest grape producers, though in largely-Muslim Turkey only 2% - 3% of the production becomes wine.  The rest is eaten, dried into sultanas and raisins, or distilled into Turkey’s aniseed-flavoured spirit, raki.
The climate varies enormously, from Mediterranean in the coastal west and south, where more than half the country’s wine is produced, to extremely continental in the centre and east, where winters can be so harsh that the vines have to buried to protect them from fatal frosts.  In the north, close to the Black Sea, the Tokat region enjoys milder temperatures and year-round rains.

Decanting Club wines from: Anatolia

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