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Château des Pertonnières, Beaujolais

Château des Pertonnières, Beaujolais

have yourselves un Beau Jolly Christmas

The holiday season approaches!  So with a pun of pantomime awfulness, we present our first ever Beaujolais.  Brimming with good cheer and exuberant fruit, Beaujolais is the world’s best party red and this one is a textbook example of its unique festive style.
If you’ve only ever tasted Beaujolais Nouveau you may be tempted to say, “oh no it isn’t.”  But those of you familiar with the real stuff will, of course, respond, “Oh yes it is!”
Unoaked, fresh and fruity, Beaujolais is the classic example of a red that’s best served cool, around 12°C.  It’s also the classic example of a red that can be drunk on its own, yet it goes brilliantly with almost any food.  Particularly well suited to cold cuts, this would make the perfect Boxing Day wine.

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Light-bodied, unoaked and exuberantly fruity, Beaujolais is the canonical example of a red that should be served cool.  But don’t take that too far or you’ll mute the fruit; it should be cellar temperature, 12°C or 13°C, rather than fridge temperature.  Give the pouch a minute or two in the fridge.
There’s probably no better red for drinking on its own, but Beaujolais also manages to be tremendously versatile with food.  Light in body and alcohol, unoaked and tannin-free, with pure, simple fruit and refreshing acidity, this wine will go with everything and clash with nothing.  Even fish dishes will work, though they usually make red wines taste metallic.
Appropriately enough for a party wine, it really come into its own with finger-food, where there’s a range of different flavours mostly served cold.  Cold meats work especially well, making this the perfect wine for leftover Christmas turkey.

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AppellationBeaujolais AOP
Château des Pertonnières
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