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Klaus Lentsch, 'Amperg', Südtiroler Weissburgunder

Klaus Lentsch, 'Amperg', Südtiroler Weissburgunder

a collision of cultures

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2017 with this Italian white, made from a French grape, with an Austrian soul.
High in the Alps lies Italy’s northernmost region, the Alto Adige.  But the German-speaking locals call it the Südtirol, and until 1918 it was part of Austria.  Its wines are mostly white and do have a rather Austrian feel to them.  The whites are very highly regarded within Italy itself, and consequently not much exported.
This one is made from Weissburgunder, a grape originally from France and probably from Burgundy, where they call it Pinot Blanc.  Up here on the slopes of the Dolomites it produces a mouthwateringly crisp and refreshing Alpine white that doesn’t need to be served too cold: 10°C to 11°C.
Very much a food wine, pair this with white fish or salads.

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On first opening this smelt slightly reductive, although that soon blew off in the glass.  I didn’t mention it in the tasting notes because our decanting process will have fixed it for your pouches, but if you buy some bottles of this you should decant them an hour before serving.  You don’t need a decanter: just slosh the wine into a clean jug, pour it carefully back into the bottle, and put that in the fridge.
But don’t serve it at fridge temperature!  Although this wine is relatively light-bodied and very fresh, its lovely balance and delicate nose mean it works best rather warmer than, say, a Sauvignon Blanc.  Give the pouch four or five minutes out of the fridge before pouring.
Despite the razor-sharp acidity, this wine does have enough flavour to enjoy on its own as an aperitif, much like a dry Champagne.  But that acidity really comes into its own with food, especially when there are sharp flavours like salad dressings in the dish.
Pinot Blanc is perhaps the most food-friendly of white grapes.  Sommeliers love it, and you’re much more likely to see it on restaurant wine lists than on supermarket shelves.  This wine would suit anything from white meats and smoked fish through salads of all kinds to, especially, white fish and shellfish.  It would be perfect with moules marinière.

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AppellationSüdtirol - Alto Adige DOC
Klaus Lentsch
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