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Antonelli, Grechetto dei Colli Martani

Antonelli, Grechetto dei Colli Martani

O Grechetto, Grechetto! wherefore art thou Grechetto?

This week we revisit Umbrian producer Antonelli San Marco, located just outside the walls of medieval Montefalco (the Falcon’s Mount).  You may remember their marvellous Montefalco Rosso that we drank in February.  This time we’re tasting their white, made from the best local variety, Grechetto.
Montefalco’s lofty hilltop location has earned it the title of “the balcony of Umbria”.  So if you’re a tragic heroine standing on a medieval Italian balcony and you fancy some of the local white, what are you going to say?  O Grechetto…

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Although fresh and unoaked, this herbal and nutty wine is distinctly full-bodied.  Consequently it benefits from being served a bit warmer than most whites – 10°C to 12°C.  Now that summer has finally arrived, just two or three minutes out of the fridge should do it, or twice that long if you pour the pouch straight into a glass.
Speaking of summer, apologies to those who followed my advice to the letter and gave our last white five or six minutes to warm up.  I had written that suggestion two weeks before, when the weather was still dismal.  In the suddenly baking heat of International Chardonnay Thursday, you were probably rewarded with a glass of room-temperature white.  Oops.  Give this pouch an extra minute or two to warm if, as seems likely, our English weather decides we don’t deserve summer after all.
You can drink this on its own, but it will work better with food – even just a handful of salted almonds to echo the flavours in the wine.  Minerally and intense, it will stand up to bold Italian flavours.  Try it with antipasti: bruschetta with olives, grilled vegetables in olive oil, and broad beans with olive oil and pecorino cheese (an Umbrian speciality).
For a main course, try Umbrian-style chicken cacciatore in bianco (without tomatoes).  It would be great with spaghetti carbonara too, and just perfect with a lemony asparagus risotto.

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AppellationColli Martani DOC
Antonelli San Marco
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