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Antonelli, Montefalco Rosso

Antonelli, Montefalco Rosso

it stoops to conquer... your pizza

Montefalco (the Falcon’s Mount) is a medieval hill town known as the “Balcony of Umbria” for its lofty perch and breathtaking views.  From these steep hillsides comes this quintessentially Italian red that tastes a lot like a top Chianti Classico but at a much less lofty price.
Montefalco’s famed but fearsomely tannic Sagrantino grape produces much-prized reds that take about a decade to soften.  Here it has been blended with Sangiovese and Montepulciano to produce a wine that’s ready in only half that time.
Serve it at cool room temperature: 16°C to 17°C.  Long aging hasn’t entirely tamed its talons, so it needs food.  This Thursday is National Pizza Day (yes, really!) and this wine would be perfect for one with plenty of pepperoni.

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This wine is tailor-made for the bold flavours of Italian food.  Umbria is famed for its olive oil, truffles and porcini, and pork of all kinds; these are all ingredients that will suit this Montefalco, along with garlic and fresh herbs.
Try it with meaty pasta dishes like pappardelle alla lepre.  Pasta with a spicy tomato-based sauce will work well too, but be aware that the wine’s tannin and alcohol will emphasise chilli heat.  This is not necessarily a bad thing!
If you want something quick and easy then pepperoni pizza ticks all right boxes: meat, spices, olive oil and tomatoes.  Buon appetito!

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AppellationMontefalco Rosso DOC
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Antonelli San Marco
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