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Eden Road ‘The Long Road’ Pinot Gris

Eden Road ‘The Long Road’ Pinot Gris

skin contact makes your Valentine blush

We just had to give you a rosé for Valentine’s Day!  From the garden of Eden that is New South Wales, this one has indeed travelled a Long Road for its date with you.
Skin contact is what gives rosés their colour, and this floral, minerally wine has had lots, for it’s made from a variety that’s only just pink to begin with.  It might not be deep in colour, but it has a surprising depth of flavour that is best enjoyed rather warmer than other rosés – around 10°C.
It smells like summer in a glass, but this is quite a serious, dry rosé that’s exceptionally versatile with food – perfect for sharing over a romantic candlelit dinner!  Try it with spicy prawns.

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Most rosés, especially the off-dry ones, should be served colder than whites.  This is not one of those.  It would still be perfectly refreshing straight from the fridge, but you’d be missing out on most of the flavours.  At this time of year I’d serve it at about 10°C, so give your pouch five minutes out of the fridge to warm up.  In high summer you could chill it down a bit more.
You can drink this on its own in the sunshine, and it will be lovely.  But while that’s all most rosés are good for, this one really comes into its own with food.  Any food.  Well, any food that’s not actually dessert.  From delicate fish dishes all the way through salads, poultry and pork to red meat and charcuterie, it will suit everything.
I’ve drunk two bottles of it now, both over a period of several days with a wide variety of foods, and it tasted great with all of them.  Right now I’m eating last night’s leftovers for lunch – penne in a wild mushroom and red wine sauce.  It’s a dish that demands a red, but this rosé works better with it than either of the reds I drank last night.
So it’s not easy to recommend a perfect match – there’s too much choice!  But it is particularly well suited to spicy foods, especially oriental ones.  Its spicy nose complements them; its bold flavours stand up to them; and its surprisingly moderate alcohol won’t exacerbate the chilli burn.  Spicy prawns would work a treat.

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New South Wales
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AppellationNew South Wales
Pinot Grigio / Gris
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Eden Road Wines
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