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Ad Hoc ‘Cruel Mistress’ Pinot Noir

Ad Hoc ‘Cruel Mistress’ Pinot Noir

stern Sheila serves Pinot to Poms

G’day Possums!  We drank Aussie last week, and we’re drinking Aussie this week, because this Thursday is Australia Day.  The repetition theme continues with the grape, which is our third Pinot this month.
Hard on the heels of the blonde Pinots, Blanc and Gris, comes their brunette big sister, Pinot Noir.  She’s notoriously unforgiving in both vineyard and winery, yet devoted winemakers still pursue her elusive promise of perfection.  A cruel mistress indeed!
This little beauty proves that their pain can be our pleasure.  Serve it a little cooler than usual for reds, between 15°C and 16°C.  Perfect with roast duck in a rich wine sauce, while listening to “Venus in Furs”.  Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather…

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Like most Pinot Noir, this wine should be served a little cooler than a big full-bodied red like a Malbec or a Shiraz.  Unless you’ve got rather better central heating than mine, room temperature in this chilly January is probably about right.
Fine, fragrant and refreshing, this is no heavyweight red, and as such it doesn’t require food.  Yet its noticeable tannins suggest that it will benefit from protein-rich foods, although these shouldn’t be too strongly flavoured or they might detract from the subtleties of the wine.  It’s a great choice for traditional meat and two-or-more veg, especially for paler meats like pork or game birds.
Even in this properly-dry example, Pinot Noir has a sweetness of fruit that pairs well with a little sweetness in the dish, so duck in a rich wine-based sauce would be an ideal match.  This wine also has a great affinity for onion flavours, especially the sweet earthiness of leeks.  Try it with leek quiche, onion tart or a leek and mushroom pasta.

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Western Australia
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AppellationGreat Southern
Larry Cherubino Wines
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