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Coffele 'Castel Cerino' Soave Classico

Coffele 'Castel Cerino' Soave Classico

Soave... and sophisticated

Another of those famous Italian whites with an image problem (think Frascati and Orvieto), most Soave today is anything but sophisticated.  Fully 80% of it is produced on an industrial scale by the local co-operative, from high-yielding vineyards planted on flat plains outside the original region.
This organic wine shows why it became famous in the first place.  At the heart of the the original and best – Classico – zone of Soave, small family producer Coffele work their terraced hillside vineyards entirely by hand and horse.  From them comes this almond- and camomile-scented white combining flinty intensity with effortless elegance.
Serve this unoaked dry white quite cool but not glass-foggingly so: 8°C to 10°C.  It makes a fine aperitif but really comes into its own with food.  Try it with spinach and ricotta tortellini, or asparagus risotto.

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Give the pouch five minutes out of the fridge to warm up before opening, or twice that long if you pour it straight into a glass.  If the glass is misting up then the wine is too cold and you’ll miss the subtleties.
You can enjoy this on its own because it has such great balance.  On the other hand, this is almost as versatile a food wine as the Long Road rosé from two weeks ago.  It will pair beautifully with just about any dish, from shellfish and salads to roast chicken; just don’t push it past white meats into the red wine end of the spectrum.
It has enough acidity to cope with fresh tomatoes and is particularly well suited to creamy cheeses, so try it with classic Italian starters like Caprese (mozzarella and tomato salad).  Lighter pasta or risotto dishes such as Primavera are also an excelent match.  Its unusual combination of subtlety and intensity allows it to pair well with hard-to-match flavours like spinach and asparagus, so it would be great with spinach and ricotta tortellini or asparagus risotto.

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AppellationSoave Classico DOC
Coffele Viticoltori
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