Château des Pertonnières wine producer

Château des Pertonnières
Château des Pertonnières is based in Le Breuil in southern Beaujolais, in the famed Pierres Dorée (“Golden Stones”) region regarded as the best part of the south.  The Dupeuble family who own and run it have been making wine here for centuries.
All of their Gamay vineyards are planted on acidic granite soil, which is rare in southern Beaujolais and much more associated with the fine Cru villages of the north.  Those vineyards on alkaline sandstone and clay, comprising about a third of the total estate of 42 hectares, are planted with Chardonnay and used to produce Beaujolais Blanc.
Also atypical for southern Beaujolais is their focus on quality and minimal intervention, with near-organic lutte raisonée  viticulture, fermentation using only wild yeasts, no filtration and, even more unusually, no chaptalisation.  The vineyards, many of which are over 50 years old, are all on south-facing slopes which enable them to ripen grapes sufficiently not to need any added sugar.

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