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Channing Daughters, Pinot Grigio

Channing Daughters, Pinot Grigio

New York, New York, so good we drank it twice

Last summer our very first rosé was from Channing Daughters of Long Island: not just New York State, but practically New York City!  This week we return there to try their Pinot Grigio.
Channing specialise in varieties from Friuli in north-east Italy (home to that country’s best Pinot Grigio) which is appropriate given that New York’s most Italian neighbourhoods, Brooklyn and Queens, are also found on Long Island.
They also specialise in rosés, or rosati, but this is very definitely a white in the Friuli style, with a lot more personality than most Italian PG.

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The nuttiness on this wine has nothing to do with oak, and like most lighter-weight unoaked dry whites it should be served quite cool, at 8 or 9°C.  Give the pouch three minutes out of the fridge before pouring, or twice that long if you pour it straight into a glass.  As we always say, if the glass mists up then the wine is too cold.  Either that, or you’re drinking it in the bath.
You don’t need food for this one, but it will pair well with crudités or antipasti.  For more substantial fare, try it with grilled chicken or creamy pasta dishes.  It also goes really well with not-too-delicate shellfish.  Long Island is particularly famed for its clams, so a dish like spaghetti alla vongole in bianco would be perfect.

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CountryUnited States
AppellationLong Island AVA
Pinot Grigio / Gris
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Channing Daughters
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