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Berton Vineyard, 'The Vermentino', Metal Label

Berton Vineyard, 'The Vermentino', Metal Label

Aussie Metal with Italian Soul

No, AC/DC haven’t hired Zucchero as their new frontman!  From New South Wales superstar Berton Vineyards, this sharp-dressed white is from their Metal Label range.  Said metallic label does look pretty Rock, though – like it’s an album cover by little-known metalheads “The Vermentino”.
In fact Vermentino is the grape, which originated in Italy.  Rarely seen outside the Mediterranean, it retains its aromas and acidity well in the hot Australian climate – something ably demonstrated by this exuberantly fruity and zingily fresh white.
We thought a professional should do any singing this week, so here’s some more “Ozzy Metal”, this time from the 1983 vintage…

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There’s little danger of muting these aromas, so serve this unoaked, fruit-forward and ever-so-slightly off-dry white quite cold to emphasise its freshness: 7°C to 8°C.  Just a minute or two out of the fridge should do it, or twice that long if you pour the pouch straight into a glass.
This doesn’t need food, thanks to its zesty fruit and clever touch of sweetness.  But it does pair really well with fish and seafood, especially fried.  Try it with prawns in tempura with sweet chilli sauce; the sweetness in oriental cuisine is well-matched by the wine.  I hesitate to actually recommend sweet-and-sour, which overpowers almost any wine, but this one might manage it.
Or if you can’t be bothered to cook, this is the perfect partner for good old fish and chips!  Leave off the ketchup, though, and squeeze lemon juice over instead.

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South Eastern Australia
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AppellationSouth Eastern Australia
Berton Vineyard
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