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What our expert thought of Berton Vineyard, 'The Vermentino', Metal Label

the tasting

The Tasting

The absence of skin contact is reflected in the pale lemon colour, which has definite hints of youthful green about it.
There’s a green quality to the pronounced nose, too.  It soars out of the glass with citrus zest – lemon, lime and orange – backed by tropical fruit, green apple, cut grass and rosemary.
The fruit-filled palate is as zesty and zingy as the nose, with the high acidity cleverly balanced by that little touch of residual sugar.  This is just fractionally off-dry, though it takes a while to notice.  It’s quite light-bodied yet with remarkably intense ripe citrus flavours, backed by green apple and peach.
Orange peel and herbs appear on the long finish.  It’s really only here that I notice the slight sweetness balancing the mouthwatering acidity.


What a wonderfully aromatic nose this has!  It’s quite Riesling-y with elements of Sauvignon Blanc, allied to a big squirt of lemon juice.  I wasn’t expecting the palate to match up, but it has astonishing citrus intensity without much weight – this comes in just under 12% ABV.
The splashes of Fiano, Sauvignon and Semillon add some complexity to the nose and palate, while the tiny touch of sweetness prevents the high acidity from making the wine taste too austere to drink on its own.
That moderate alcohol is just as well, since this wine is so moreish that a bottle will disappear in no time.  It may not be very subtle… but it is very delicious.

Tasting notes

clear pale+ lemon, green hints

Intensity pronounced

Aromas citrus zest (lemon, lime, orange), tropical fruit (passionfruit, melon), orchard fruit (green apple), herbs (cut grass, rosemary)

Development youthful

Sweetness just off-dry

Acidity high

Body light+

Intensity medium++

Flavours ripe citrus (lemon, lime), orchard fruit (green apple), stone fruit (peach)

Length medium++

Flavours orange peel, herbs, mouthwatering acidity. Lovely sugar/acid balance.
Other notes
Obviously unoaked. V. aromatic nose smells "green". Great zing and freshness. Intensity without weight.

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