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Fox-Gordon ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Pinot Grigio

Fox-Gordon ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Pinot Grigio

a wolf in sheep's clothing

The label says Pinot Grigio, and it has a pretty name: Charlotte’s Web.  So we know what to expect – a pale, light-bodied, fresh and simple white, like the Italian ones.  Right?
Wrong!  What's inside shows just how differently Pinot wines can taste; this one is broad, powerful, unctuous and complex.  It isn’t even white, but ever-so-slightly pink.  Rather like Wilbur the pig, in fact.
Serve cool but not cold: 9°C to 10°C.  It doesn’t need food, but it will complement white meats or pasta primavera.  Avoid sharp flavours – this wine doesn’t have the acidity to match them.

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Most Pinot Grigio needs to be served cold, but not this one.  Give the pouch five minutes out of the fridge before pouring.  If the glass mists up it’s too cold.
The relatively low acidity and intense flavours of this wine make it quite tricky to match with food.  Fortunately it’s great on its own.  Don’t pair this one with acidic foods: tomatoes and sharp salad dressings are a definite no-no.
In Alsace they value Pinot Gris for its ability to pair with foods that would normally require a red, like poultry, ham and pork.  This wine will do the same, especially if there is a little sweetness in the dish: ham glazed with pineapple, say, or pork with apple sauce.
Most Asian cuisine has that slight sweetness, and its bold flavours and generous use of spices, especially ginger, will complement the spiciness and intensity of the wine.  Avoid sweet-and-sour though: it has too much acidity.
Back in Alsace, onion dishes like leek quiche or onion tart are another classic match.  Their combination of slight sweetness and pungent earthiness really suit this wine.  Another excellent vegetarian option is Primavera, either as a pasta or a risotto.

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Adelaide Hills
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AppellationAdelaide Hills GI
Pinot Grigio / Gris
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