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What our expert thought of Quinta Milú, La Bicicleta Voladora

the tasting

The Tasting

This may be unorthodox in lots of ways but it certainly looks like a Rioja, being a less-than-medium ruby.  But while most Rioja is pale through long barrel-aging, this one’s light colour is down to the short maceration and the inclusion of white grapes in the blend.
It has an aromatic, sweet-fruited nose that combines damson jam with floral notes of violets and roses, while remaining very fresh.  Despite the obvious absence of oak there is a caramel component to the scent, like that of a toffee apple.
In the mouth it’s all pure red fruits: plums and cherries.  Good acidity keeps it remarkably light on its feet for 13.5% – no more than medium-bodied.  Despite that acidity the overall texture is soft and smooth, with an almost total absence of tannins.
Herbs and stones join the juicy fruits on the slighly warming but refreshingly clean finish.


This is a bit like a really good Beaujolais, but with a definite Spanish accent.  It brilliantly demonstrates the pure flavours of Tempranillo, which are so often obscured by blending and oak.  I know this one is blended, but the Viura’s contribution seems confined to providing the necessary acidity.
Like a Beaujolais, it’s deliciously drinkable both with food and without.  The word ‘quaffing’ comes irresistably to mind (which was once memorably defined by Terry Pratchett as “…like drinking, only you spill more”).
It would be a shame to waste this by spilling it, but its lively fruit, uncomplicated charm and modest price do lend themselves to enthusiastic consumption.  I think I’ll just pour myself another glass…

Tasting notes

clear medium- ruby

Intensity medium+, aromatic

Aromas ripe fruit (damson jam), floral (violets, roses), toffee apple. Yet smells fresh. No oak.

Development youthful

Sweetness dry

Acidity medium(+?)

Body medium, light for 13.5%

Tannins very light, almost absent

Intensity medium

Flavours pure red fruits (plum, cherry)

Length medium

Flavours herbs, stones, juicy fruit, slight warmth but v. clean, refreshing
Other notes
Obviously unoaked. Soft, smooth, delicious & quaffable. Quite Beaujolais-esque, but very Tempranillo.

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