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Dopff au Moulin, Gewürztraminer

Dopff au Moulin, Gewürztraminer

a pungent Alsatian with perfect pedigree

No, not a smelly guard dog, but a classic Alsace white from the region’s oldest producer, who can boast a bloodline extending back thirteen generations.  But pungent it certainly is, being made from the world’s most aromatic grape variety, Gewürztraminer.
Alsace produces the definitive Gewurz, and this is a textbook example.  Dryer and more elegant than most, it backs up its heady perfume of jasmine and rose petals with huge flavour intensity and a seemingly endless finish – the longest tail of any Alsatian we’ve encountered!

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There's little danger of muting these scents and flavours, so serve this powerful off-dry white quite cool, between 8°C and 10°C, to keep it tasting fresh.  Give the pouch just one minute out of the fridge before pouring.
This wine makes a fine aperitif, perhaps with some honey-glazed cashews or similar sweet and salty nibbles.  It’s also great with strongly flavoured soft cheeses like Alsace’s famous Munster.
For a main course, pair it with sweet and spicy Asian dishes like Thai curries, especially if they feature coconut.  A Moroccan fish or vegetable tagine would work well too.

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AppellationAlsace AOC
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Dopff au Moulin
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