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Weegmüller 'Der Elegante' Riesling trocken

Weegmüller 'Der Elegante' Riesling trocken

racy Riesling from Rhineland relatives

Sisters Steffi and Gabrielle are the 11th generation (but first women) to run the family business established in 1685 in the Pfalz.  Situated between the Haardt mountains and the Rhine, the sunny Pfalz region is noted for its dry wines that are fuller than the lightweight, off-dry German norm.
That doesn’t mean there's any spare flesh on this one!  Supermodel elegant, streamlined and stripped-down, this rapier-sharp Riesling isn’t carrying an ounce of excess baggage yet is filled with flint, citrus and spice.  Forget you ever tasted Liebfraumilch: this is the real deal.
In honour of Steffi and Gabrielle, some more Sisters Doing It For Themselves:

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This zippy and elegant unoaked white can be served quite cold, between 8°C and 10°C, without muting its piercing scent and flavour.  In this heat, give the pouch just one minute out of the fridge to warm up, or twice that long if you pour it straight into a glass.
I like sipping this on its own, especially in the sunshine, but I’m something of an acid junkie!  For most, this will make more sense with food.  Dry Riesling’s peerless purity and acidity make it a food wine par excellence; this one will pair beautifully with almost everything.  Try it with salads, shellfish, or smoked salmon.

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AppellationHaardter Mandelring Kabinett trocken
Weingut Weegmüller
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