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What our expert thought of Weegmüller 'Der Elegante' Riesling trocken

the tasting

The Tasting

The wine is a pale-ish lemon, with the green hints that are very characteristic of Riesling.  It’s less pale than I was expecting in a dry wine at 11.5%, which I suspect is down to extended skin contact to extract aromas.
And that skin contact has paid off!  This has a pronounced and pure Riesling nose, filled with ripe lemon and lime citrus, white flowers, and asian spices: lemongrass and ginger.  There’s also a hint of not-too-ripe pineapple and a smoky, gunflinty mineral edge.
It tastes dry, with piercingly high acidity and a crystalline purity on the palate.  Slightly less than medium-bodied, it has intense but elegant stony citrus flavours of lime and grapefruit.
The mouthwatering finish is long, zesty and pure, with a saline quality and some more of that flintiness.


Riesling is probably my favourite white grape, and I’m particularly fond of dry versions like this.  Bone-dry Riesling is something of an Australian speciality, and I rather expected our first dry Riesling would come from the Clare Valley.  But our previous Aussie Riesling was unusually off-dry, and so (more predictably) was our previous German one.
This thrillingly focussed wine is precisely what I was looking for, even if I wasn’t expecting it from Germany.  But perhaps I should have: the dry and sunny Pfalz is famed for producing wines like this, closer in style to Alsace Rieslings from just across the French border than to those from the rest of Germany.

Tasting notes

clear pale-ish lemon (not v. pale - skin contact?), green hints

Intensity pronounced-

Aromas obviously Riesling, citrus (ripe lemon, lime), asian spice (lemongrass, ginger), tropical fruit (unripe pineapple), white flowers, mineral (gunflint)

Development youthful

Sweetness dry, despite 8g/l RS

Acidity high-

Body medium-

Intensity medium++

Flavours citrus (lime, grapefruit), mineral (stones)

Length medium+, mouthwatering

Flavours as palate, piercing acidity, mineral (saline, flint)
Other notes
Classic Riesling nose, crystalline purity on palate & finish. Unoaked.

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