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What our expert thought of Apostrophe Possessive Reds’

the tasting

The Tasting

A glowing crimson colour with a noticeably purple rim, this isn’t quite as deep as many a young Aussie Shiraz.  I suspect the winemaker has been careful not to extract too much tannin, since this is a wine designed to be drunk young.
The appealing nose is obviously Shiraz, and from a not-too-hot climate.  It’s floral and herby and filled with fresh blackberry fruit, spiced up with a little black pepper.  There’s just a hint of warmer, redder fruit from the Grenache.  With no discernable oak to muddy things up, it smells very pure.
Purity is apparent on the palate too.  Dry, with fresh acidity, it’s a little more than medium-bodied but very light on its feet for 14.5%.  The flavours are well-integrated and seamless, so they’re quite hard to tease apart.  There’s blackberry and black pepper, along with raspberry and perhaps some black plum.
There’s more blackberry on the medium finish, along with some appetizing bitter hints from the silky-smooth tannins.


A lot of Aussie Shiraz (and this blend is 90% Shiraz) is built to impress rather than to enjoy.  Lots of overripe jammy fruit, lots of oak, lots of everything.  Stunt wines, in fact, which rapidly grow tiring to drink and which overpower most food.
Not so this one, which majors on finesse and displays impeccable balance.  I find it hard to believe it’s 14.5%: there's no alcoholic heat on the finish, and the palate is dry, medium-bodied and elegant.  It’s not showy, but there’s a rightness about it that ensures that the last mouthful is just as good as the first.
In Australia Larry Cherubino only sells Apostrophe to restaurants, not to wine stores.  Sommeliers love it, and I can see why.  I could drink this every day, confident that it would complement rather than clash with my meal.

Tasting notes

clear medium+ crimson, purple rim

Intensity medium

Aromas black fruit (fresh blackberry), floral (rose), herbs, subtle spice (black pepper), warm red fruit (plum)

Development developing

Sweetness dry

Acidity medium(+, just)

Body medium(+, just), light for 14.5%

Tannins medium+, but super-fine and silky

Intensity medium

Flavours black fruit (blackberry, plum), red fruit (raspberry), spice (black pepper)

Length medium

Flavours blackberry, pleasant slight bitterness from tannins
Other notes
Unoaked. Great purity & poise. Obviously cool(ish)-climate Shiraz, esp. on nose.

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