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Swartland, Limited Release, Mourvèdre

Swartland, Limited Release, Mourvèdre

Bandol bush vines in a black land

Bush vines rule in South Africa’s Swartland (the "black land"), and so do Rhône varieties.  On our last visit we tasted a Shiraz but this is a much more unusual Rhône grape, and one rarely seen unblended save in the famed wines of Bandol: Mourvèdre.
Finicky Mourvèdre is heat-loving but drought-sensitive.  It works best as a bush vine, and is perfectly matched to Swartland’s long hot summers, just-sufficient rainfall and deep, moisture-retaining soil.
Proof comes in the form of this single-vineyard wine from 30-year-old bush vines.  Bandol usually takes a decade to come round, but this spicy, mocha-scented and clear-fruited red is delicious to drink right now.

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Although it’s dangerously easy to drink on its own, you probably want some food with this 14.5% red.  Fine acidity and bright fruit make it very versatile: if the weather obliges, throw a steak on the braai; if not, it would be perfect with spaghetti bolognaise.
Although effectively unoaked, this is a full-bodied red that will benefit from being served at a proper full-bodied red temperature: 17°C to 18°C.  If it’s a really hot day give the pouch 30 seconds in the fridge (out of the envelope); otherwise, just snip and pour.

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CountrySouth Africa
Mourvèdre / Monastrell / Mataro
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Swartland Winery
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