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Château de l'Aumérade, Cuvée 'Marie-Christine’

Château de l'Aumérade, Cuvée 'Marie-Christine’

pretty in pink, isn’t she?

Provence is the only wine region that is best known for its rosés.  Always pale and dry, they set the global benchmark for that style.  To show off their pretty pink colour they’re inevitably packaged in clear glass bottles that are increasingly styled into unusual, elegant shapes – like this one, which was inspired by a Gallé vase.
Actually, this is the original sleek Provençal bottle that inspired all the others: Cuvée Marie-Christine has boasted this look since 1956.  But she has substance as well as style.  From one of only eighteen Cru Classé estates in Provence, this delightfully perfumed rosé is filled with sweet summer berries and citrus fruit.  She tastes even better she looks.
You’d already guessed which ’80s video we’d use, hadn’t you?

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Serve this impeccably balanced dry rosé quite cool but not as cold as most pinks: 10°C to 11°C.  Give the pouch three minutes out of the fridge to warm up, or rather less if it’s a blisteringly hot day.  If the glass mists up then it’s too cold.
You don’t need food to enjoy this, especially if the sun is shining, but it is very food-friendly.  Nibble on olives, salted almonds, and crudités with aioli.  It would be great with shellfish, too.
I noticed some slight reduction when I first opened the bottle.  It wasn’t particularly stinky, but it did emphasise the strawberry and talcum powder aspects of the nose while suppressing the citrus and sweeter fruits.  The pouches will be fine, but if you buy some of this you’ll enjoy it more if you decant it.
It would be a shame not to use the elegant bottle, so slosh the wine out into a big jug and then pour it carefully back.  Aim for an hour in advance, although fifteen minutes is probably enough.

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AppellationCôtes de Provence AOP
Grenache / Garnacha
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Syrah / Shiraz
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Château de l'Aumérade
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