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Pardas ‘Sus Scrofa’

Pardas ‘Sus Scrofa’

a peculiar purebred Penedès piglet

Sus Scrofa is the species name of the European Wild Boar.  Boars may be rare these days but they’re positively abundant compared to the Sumoll grape.  Peculiar to Spain, and within that peculiar to the east coast, especially Penedès, there are less than 300 hectares of Sumoll left on earth.  Almost all is blended; just half a dozen producers make a pure Sumoll red.
All-organic Celler Pardas make two.  This is their unoaked version, crafted to show off the pure flavours of this rare variety.  In only its second vintage, Sus Scrofa may be still a piglet but the vines it comes from are 60 years old.  Filled with razor-sharp red cherry fruit, this is a perfect summertime red.

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Pair with wild boar, obviously!  You don't have any?  Cured meats and hard cheeses, then.  This wine needs food – and vice versa – so do make sure you've got something to nibble on: the more Spanish, the better.
Although unoaked, light-bodied and very fresh, don’t serve this chilled like a Beaujolais or you’ll lose some of the cherries and emphasise the tannins.  16° C to 17°C is about right – just slightly cooler than room temperature.  Give the pouch 30 seconds in the fridge (out of the envelope) if it’s a hot day.
When I first opened this bottle there were some slightly ‘farty’ reduction smells, which blew off (excuse the pun) after ten minutes or so in the glass.  Your pouches will be fine, but if you buy some of this delightfully different red you should aim to decant the bottle an hour before drinking.
You’ll want to decant it anyway: being unfined and unfiltered means there will probably be some sediment in the bottle, which we noticed when filling the pouches.  This is harmless and a good sign that the wine hasn’t been mucked about with too much (fining and filtration can remove flavours), but if it gets in your glass it spoils the clarity.

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AppellationPenedès DO
Celler Pardas
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