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What our expert thought of Pardas ‘Sus Scrofa’

the tasting

The Tasting

A vivid medium crimson ‐ almost purple ‐ this wine’s youth is immediately apparent in its colour.
It smells youthful too, with a fresh, penetrating nose of red fruits: sour cherry, redcurrant and cranberry, backed up by the wild herb scents of garrigue.  It’s leafy yet ripe, which is very appealing.
It smelled crisp, and in the mouth it certainly is, with mouthwateringly tart acidity and lots of fresh red cherry and cranberry fruit.  Fully dry and unoaked, with light to medium body and a savoury edge, the overall effect is very refreshing.
Sumoll’s tannins are certainly apparent, but these are fine-grained, and the high acidity keeps them from being drying.  Indeed there’s a lovely balance here between tannin and acidity on the finish, which also features an attractive saline quality.


In everything except its strong vibrant colour, this reminds me of Grignolino, the pale Piemontese grape we discovered last year.  It has the same zippy acidity, exuberant red cherry fruit and firm tannic backbone.  Like that wine, this one is unoaked, light-bodied and designed to be drunk young, despite the tannins.
And it’s designed for food; indeed, it requires it.  But that’s a good thing: most reds are going to be drunk with food and this one fulfills that role brilliantly.  The antithesis of the modern trend for thick, oaky, blockbuster reds, there aren’t enough wines like this.  Provided you have some food in front of you, this is the perfect red for summer.

Tasting notes

clear vivid medium(+?) crimson, almost purple – looks very youthful

Intensity medium, fresh, penetrating, youthful

Aromas red fruit (sour cherry, redcurrant, cranberry), herbs (garrigue), leafy yet ripe

Development youthful

Sweetness very dry

Acidity high

Body medium-

Tannins medium++, but fine-grained

Intensity medium+

Flavours fresh red fruit (cherry, cranberry)

Length medium

Flavours as palate, mouthwatering, mineral (saline), lovely acid/tannin balance
Other notes
Unoaked. Initial reduction blew off after 10 mins ‐ then a lovely nose. Very refreshing, but don’t serve too cold. Needs food, and decanting.

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