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Bethany, 'g6', old-vine Grenache

Bethany, 'g6', old-vine Grenache

We revisit Barossa Valley for Grenache Day

It was International Grenache Day on Friday!  Yes, every grape gets its own special day.  Well, maybe not Sumoll or Narince, but perhaps all the ones you’d heard of before joining Decanting Club.  Anyway, the first red we ever did was a pure Grenache so we thought we’d revisit it to celebrate.  Not many of you were around to taste it last time.
Made from century-old vines by one of the oldest (6th generation!) producers in the Barossa Valley, this soft, pale and fragrant wine is not your typical Aussie red.  Smelling almost like port yet tasting dry ‐ and delicious ‐ this is old-vine Grenache made the old-fashioned way.

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I would serve this slightly cooler than room temperature, at 15°C to 16°C.  Try popping the pouch in the fridge for 30 seconds before opening.
For such a distinctive wine this is remarkably food-friendly, smelling and tasting a lot more normal with food.  Its soft, warm and low-tannin nature means I wouldn’t pair it with a T-bone steak, but it will suit pork and poultry, especially in dishes with a bit of sweetness.  Asian food would suit especially well, but avoid extreme chilli heat which the high alcohol will emphasise.
It would also go really well with nuts and cheese, at the end of a meal.

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Grenache / Garnacha
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