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Brightwell, Oxford Rose

Brightwell, Oxford Rose

A blushing English rose

The rose is considered the most English of flowers, yet the ones growing in our gardens today are hybrids created quite recently by crossing wild, usually Asian species.  The Dornfelder grape is another complex cross-breed.  Created in Germany in 1956, it’s now the most English of black grapes and responsible for most of our rare reds.
But not only reds.  Here Brightwell Vineyard have used it to create a very English dry rosé: fresh, cherry-fruited and filled with the scents of an Oxfordshire summer (when it’s not raining).  It even smells of roses – pink ones, obviously!
Here’s another English Rose, vintage 1976…

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Deep in both colour and flavour, this full-bodied dry rosé doesn't need to be chilled down hard like most pale, off-dry, delicate pinks.  Around 10°C is ideal: give the pouch three minutes out of the fridge (and envelope) before pouring.
Lovely just on its own, this wine also has the intensity to stand up to all sorts of food from fish to white meats.  Try it with substantial salads ‐ perhaps a niçoise ‐ or salmon in a creamy dill or tarragon sauce.  If you want to go the full English, it would be a perfect match for prawn cocktail.
When I first popped the cork on this it was a little reductive, with a bruised-petal quality to the nose.  It was still very drinkable but the nose improved with some air, becoming sweeter and more intense.  Your pouches will be fine, but you'll enjoy a bottle more if you decant it.  You don't need a decanter: just slosh it out into a jug then pour it back and let it sit awhile.  Fifteen minutes is probably enough but longer won’t hurt ‐ the open bottle kept well.

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CountryUnited Kingdom
Brightwell Vineyard
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