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Escoda-Sanahuja, Nas del Gegant

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Escoda-Sanahuja, Nas del Gegant

Contains NOSE ulphites

In Catalan, Nas del Gegant means “Nose of the Giant”.  Winemaker Joan Ramón Escoda is himself a giant figure in Spain’s natural wine movement, so this organic and biodynamic wine has no added anything, especially not the SO2 that is responsible for those “contains sulphites” warnings.
And yes, this Loire-inspired but Catalan-accented red does have a big nose!  And a delightfully complex one, filled with forest fruits, dark chocolate and roast red peppers, but unsullied by oak (that would be a forbidden added flavour).  Refreshingly pure and rewardingly energising to drink, this is a wine with as much of a spring in its step as the hare depicted on the label.
It's appropriate that this comes from the Conca de Barberà DO, for it’s the sort of properly natural wine Barbara (and Tom) would surely have made had they been living The Good Life in Spain instead of Surbiton. Still, they gave it a try…

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Like all natural wines, this needs plenty of air.  Decanting into the pouches should have done the trick, but if your glassful smells a bit cidery just let it stand for 10 or 15 minutes.  Drink at cool room temperature: 17 to 18°C.
If you join me in buying some bottles of this you will need to decant them, and not just to fix the nose.  Unfined and unfiltered, this wine has thrown some fine sediment which is easily stirred up.  Unlike the more common gritty crystals, this doesn’t affect the taste but does make the wine cloudy unless you’re careful.
Try to stand the bottle upright for a day or so before opening.  Decant it at least a couple of hours in advance (more is better, up to a day), pouring it very carefully while watching for sediment in the neck.  Have a wineglass to hand for the last half-glassful so you don’t stir up the dregs by righting the bottle.
With its lively acidity and quite firm tannins this is definitely a food wine, and a very versatile one.  Enjoy it with Catalan nibbles like Pa Amb Tomàquet (toasted bread rubbed with garlic and fresh tomatoes, then drizzled with olive oil and salt), Embotits (cured meats) and Escalivada (grilled vegetables in olive oil).

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Conca de Barberà
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AppellationConca de Barberà DO
Cabernet Franc
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Grenache / Garnacha
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