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Château de Chasseloir, Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie

Château de Chasseloir, Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie

Acceptable in the 80s… much nicer now

In the Eighties, between the fall of Liebfraumilch and the rise of Chardonnay, we all drank Muscadet.  But fashion is fickle, and this clean-cut wine from the mouth of the Loire became as uncool as a mullet haircut.  Eighties boybands are touring again to packed houses, yet Muscadet remains bottom of the bill… and bottom of the shelves, if you can find it at all.
Underrated and underpriced (how many famous French wines can you say that about?), we think Muscadet is marvellous and well overdue for a comeback.  This is one of the best, from 40-year-old vines in a perfectly-sited, south-facing vineyard overlooking the River Maine.  Subtle and pure as only Muscadet can be, its delicate sea-spray nose and precise citrus-on-stones palate build to a surprisingly intense and lip-smackingly salty finish.
Unlike most of our videos, this isn’t from the 80s.  But…

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Unlike most bone-dry, light-bodied whites this should be served just cool, not cold: 10 - 12°C.  Give the pouch four minutes out of the fridge (and the envelope) before pouring.  A misty glass or no scent means it’s too cold.
With pure mineral intensity but no obvious flavours of its own, Muscadet goes with absolutely everything.  It’s the classic match for oysters, whose delicate flavours would be overwhelmed by any other wine, yet it’s also marvellous with highly-spiced Thai dishes.  And it makes a perfect aperitif – what’s not to like?

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AppellationMuscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie
Melon de Bourgogne
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Chéreau Carré
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