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Marañones, 30,000 Maravedíes

Marañones, 30,000 Maravedíes

30 grand? A steal from Castile!

In 1434, Don Álonzo de Luna, favourite of King Juan II of Castile, paid 30,000 maravedíes to Santa Maria monastery for the manor of San Martin de Valdeiglesias, 70km west of Madrid.  Today it’s home to Bodega Marañones, who have named this wine after the Don’s astute purchase (a peasant revolt forced the monks to accept his low offer).
From high-altitude organic vineyards in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, billed as “the new Priorat”, this hand-crafted and foot-trodden red displays a purity and freshness that defies the oaky, jammy stereotype of Spanish Garnacha.  Its intensely perfumed nose and silky, sensuous, red-fruited palate are more reminiscent of fine red burgundy, making it even more of a steal than the land it was grown on.

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Although effectively unoaked and amazingly light on its feet for a wine at 14.5%, don’t chill this or you’ll accentuate its tannins.  Serve it at cool room temperature: 16 to 18°C.
Those tannins and the fine acidity rather call for food, although the lovely balance of this wine means you could enjoy it on its own.  Like the burgundy it resembles, it’s rather better suited to pork or white meats than to steak.  Locals would pair it with hearty stews based on chickpeas and sausage, or with Castilian Sopa de Ajo. For lighter fare, nibble on tapas, olives and salted almonds.
Unusually for a ‘natural’ wine this didn’t smell at all reductive, even on first pour.  But you’ll want to decant it anyway because it does have quite a lot of fine sediment, as unfined and unfiltered natural wines tend to.  Ideally, stand the bottle upright for a day or two before opening.  Decant slowly until you see the sediment enter the neck and have a glass standing by to pour most of the rest into, leaving the worst of the dregs in the bottle.  Drink the cloudy glassful yourself ‐ it’ll taste fine ‐ or use it in cooking.

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Castilla y León
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AppellationVinhos de Madrid DO
Grenache / Garnacha
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Bodega Marañones
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