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Fox Gordon, 'Princess', Fiano

Fox Gordon, 'Princess', Fiano

A fairytale Princess from Far Far Away

Australian producer Fox Gordon like to reference family films in their wine names, like their ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Pinot Grigio that we drank in January.  This one honours Shrek’s heroine, Princess Fiona.  Or Fiano, as she is here, because that’s the name of the grape.  Originally from southern Italy, Fiano is gaining converts down under because it’s well suited to Australian heat.
This Princess has a lot in common with her near namesake.  Like Fiona by day, she’s pale and fragrant, with a very pretty nose and good legs.  Like Fiona by night, she’s powerful, decidedly full-bodied, and packs quite a punch.  Best of all, to rescue this princess from our clutches you don’t have to storm a dragon-guarded castle…

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Unoaked but bursting with ripe nectarine and mandarin fruit, this should be served cool but not cold: between 10°C and 12°C.  Give the pouch four minutes out of the fridge (and the envelope) to warm; if your glass mists up then it’s definitely too cold.  The postcard recommended 9°C, but that was written quite soon after the bottle had been opened.  This wine has gradually come to suit warmer drinking temperatures while I’ve been evaluating it.
On first opening this was a little reductive, as screwtop whites often are, with bruised-petal floral scents dominating.  It wasn’t bad, and your pouches will be fine, but if you’re opening a bottle you should aim to decant it an hour in advance.  Longer won’t hurt; the impressive but not quite integrated flavours really came together during the time my bottle was open.  This wine is still quite young, and should age well.
Italians say that Fiano is like “pesto in a bottle” ‐ basil-scented, pine-nut-flavoured and with oily weight ‐ and this would indeed be a great match for pasta con pesto alla genovese (with green beans and new potatoes),
It also pairs beautifully with white fish and seafood, especially fried.  Try it with traditional fish and chips (but squeeze lemon juice instead of ketchup). It would be perfect with paella, too.

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