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Berton Vineyard, High Eden Cabernet Sauvignon

Berton Vineyard, High Eden Cabernet Sauvignon

Something very special...

In April this year, a wine from Berton Vineyard won Decanter magazine’s tasting of 35 Top New World Cabernets From £13 To £40.  Amazingly, it was the £13 wine, and so would have fitted nicely into our price range.
We didn’t buy it, because we already had its big brother sitting in our storeroom!  This one was some way beyond our usual price bracket, but we loved it so much we bought it anyway.  Now we’re going to share it with you (although I confess we did consider keeping it all for ourselves).  Think of it as a seasonal thank-you for subscribing to Decanting Club.
Spicy, herby and bursting with blackcurrants, this is classic Cabernet.  At nearly eight years old it’s now at its peak, showing all the leather, game and cigar box complexity that develops with maturity.
This blockbuster of a wine is from the decade before our usual ones.  So is this video.

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Available at £20.98 per bottle


This hugely concentrated beastie is probably the biggest wine we've ever featured, so serve it at the full 18°C.  That was room temperature before central heating, so you may want to keep the pouch somewhere cool if your house is toasty warm.
If any wine demands roast dinner with all the trimmings, it’s this one.  Pair it with beef, or even venison, in rich sauces.  Winter casseroles featuring mushrooms and chestnuts are a more veggie-friendly possibility.  For something quicker to prepare, try wild mushrooms on toast.  According to Hugh Johnson, this simple dish calls for “your best claret”, and while this Aussie Cabernet isn’t strictly claret, we think it qualifies.

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AppellationHigh Eden
Cabernet Sauvignon
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Berton Vineyard
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