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Kayra Narince

Kayra Narince

Most popular white of 2017

The final two weeks of the year are where we traditionally look back at our most popular wines and send a red and a white out together.  Enjoy this “delicate Turkish delight”!
Eastern Anatolia may well be where winemaking began, though its strictly Muslim population means little of that happens now.  This is a rare exception, made from the local Narince grape, whose name means ‘delicate’.  At just 11.5% this delightfully floral and citrussy wine is certainly that.  The bush vines grow on dry riverbeds where they often suffer an unusual viticultural hazard: locals strip the vines of their leaves to make dolmades!

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This light, aromatic wine suits being served quite cold, though not glass-foggingly so: 7°C to 9°C.  Give the pouch two or three minutes out of the fridge before pouring.  It’s not fussy, though, and still tastes good served rather warmer, when the citrus flavours get rounder and more orangey.
Low alcohol combined with plenty of aroma and flavour make this particularly suitable for spicy Asian dishes: it’s a great match for a Thai curry, or spicy prawns.  For western cuisine, pair it with fresh seafood or creamy pasta dishes.  It’s also a delightful aperitif just on its own.
I bought quite a lot of this for myself, and every bottle has been delightful.  Unlike many whites this one doesn’t show any reductive aromas when first opened, so it can be popped and poured.  Combined with its modest price and alcohol, this often makes it the white I pour for unexpected guests while decanting something else to enjoy later, when it’s had time to air.

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