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Château Mignan, Cuvée Pech-Quisou, Minervois

Château Mignan, Cuvée Pech-Quisou, Minervois

Most popular red of 2017

The final two weeks of the year are where we traditionally look back at our most popular wines and send a red and a white out together.  Enjoy this “marvel of the Midi”!
The Midi is France’s sunbaked south-east, so named because it always seems to be midday there.  At its heart lies Minervois, whose meaty, characterful reds offer some of the best value in France.  From vineyards only just outside the prestigious (and more expensive) La Livinière sub-zone, this organic wine is filled with dark fruits and the scents of the garrigue.

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Serve this full-bodied, full-flavoured red at room temperature – the full 18°C.  With its fine balance and super-smooth tannins it doesn’t absolutely require food, but it will go better with a meal, or at least some nibbles like olives, nuts, or cheese and biscuits.
The combination of big flavours and fine balance mean it will suit most dishes that call for a red, especially those with plenty of herbs to match those found in the wine.  That herb-crusted lamb would be a great pairing.  There’s a hearty and warming quality to the wine that makes it particularly appropriate for winter-time comfort foods like stews, casseroles and pies, especially ones featuring mushrooms, beans, or chestnuts along with the slow-cooked meat.

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AppellationMinervois AOC
Syrah / Shiraz
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Grenache / Garnacha
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Château Mignan
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