Larry Cherubino Wines wine producer

Larry Cherubino Wines
Still in his mid-forties, Larry Cherubino is one of the most respected winemakers in Western Australia.  He began his career at the giant Houghton winery near Perth, where he worked a vintage as a cellar hand while a student.  This suited him so well that he postponed his studies and worked a few vintages back-to-back in Europe and at Houghton, before eventually graduating in agribusiness and horticulture.
He then studied oenology at the famed Roseworthy College in Adelaide, which led to a job as winemaker for Tintara Wines in South Australia.  In early 1998 he returned to Houghton and was promoted to senior winemaker within the year, a position he held until 2003 when he went solo as a consultant and flying winemaker.
In 2005 he founded his eponymous winery in Western Australia’s little-known Great Southern region, initally producing just a single Shiraz from an old vineyard bought the previous year.  The range grew rapidly, as did the vineyards (now at 120 hectares), and in 2011 the company was named Winery of the Year by Australian wine guru James Halliday.
Although most of the range is sourced from Great Southern, there are also wines from vineyards in nearby Pemberton, and from Margaret River.

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