Swartland Winery wine producer

Swartland Winery
Founded as a growers’ cooperative in 1948 by 15 farmers, Swartland Winery is one of  the oldest producers in the newly-fashionable Swartland region.  It’s also by far the largest, with 64 growers farming 3,600 hectares of vines.  80% of those are small bush vines, with average yields at a low 6 tonnes per hectare.
For decades it produced cheap and cheerful quaffing wines, but the establishment of ambitious boutique wineries in the region in the early noughties prompted a change of direction.  In 2006 it became a public company, hired some big name talent both in winemaking and marketing, and embarked upon an export drive.
New ranges of top-tier wines were introduced.  The Limited Release range comprises small batches from single vineyards, often just a barrel or two.  Above that, the Bush Vine range has rather larger volumes of flagship wines, aimed mainly at export markets.  At fewer than two thousand cases each, these are still small-volume for a winery that produces two million cases each year.

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