Huxelrebe wine grape

Huxelrebe is one of many German crosses bred in the second quarter of the 20th century to ripen in less favoured sites where Riesling would not.  Like many of the others, e.g., Bacchus, Reichensteiner, Schönburger and Ortega, Huxelrebe has since proved popular in an even cooler climate: that of England.
It ripens early and crops heavily.  If those yields are restricted it can produce very high sugar levels even in lesser German vintages, which, combined with its high acidity, makes it particularly suitable for producing sweet wines.  It is usefully disease-resistant, too, though its thin skins make it susceptible to bunch rot but also allow it to benefit from noble rot later in the season.
It has powerfully spicy and honeyed aromas and flavours of passion fruit, apricot and musk.  On very sweet wines these can be rather too pungent.  English versions are more subtle and less sweet, though the high acidity can be problematic.

Decanting Club wines containing: Huxelrebe

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