Feudi di San Gregorio visit

Feudi di San Gregorio visit
Feudi di San Gregorio is one of the largest wine producers in the Italian region of Campania. It was founded in 1986 with a mission to focus on local varieties and winemaking traditions, at a time when international varieties and wine styles were all the rage. The company has expanded into neighbouring Basilicata (Italy’s ‘ankle’) to make Aglianico del Vulture and into Puglia (the ‘heel’) to make Primitivo di Manduria.
After driving up and up through increasingly narrow roads, we eventually came to the winery at the top of the hill. The vineyards are spread out over the gorgeous landscape of Sorbo Serpico, about an hour from Naples and Mount Vesuvius. It's the unique volcanic soil of this area that lends the wines their tell-tale aromas.
The winery is state-of-the-art with each vineyard being closely monitored with a meteorological station, and the recently-added cellars ensures that each vintage comes as close to perfection as possible.
The modern winery was designed by a Milan-based Japanese architect and is seriously stylish with a dramatic and atmospherically lit barrique cellar, a wine tasting room and glamorous shop. The Japanese influences have led to rose gardens being planted on the roof of the winery.
I was very fortunate to have Lyllian to give me a personal tour of the facilities, her love for the area and of the winery shone through. We saw all aspects of the production of their wines and even their 'library' of dusty 1st-vintages of every wine they have produced.
After the tour is was time for lunch at the Michelin-starred Marennà restaurant. Each delicious course gave me the opportunity to sample another of their amazing wines. 
Here I am drinking a glass of this week's 'Cutizzi' Greco di Tufo


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