Nerello Cappuccio / Mantellato wine grape

Nerello Cappuccio / Mantellato
The lesser of the two Nerellos that are native to northeastern Sicily, Nerello Cappuccio is also known as Nerello Mantellato.  Both names refer to the bloom that covers its branches like a coat (mantello) or a hood (cappuccio).
Almost never used alone, it is usually the junior partner of Nerello Mascalese in the wines of Mount Etna (DOC Etna Rosso) and nearby Messina (DOC Faro).  On Etna an 80/20 blend is typical.  It is also found on the mainland in nearby Calabria.
Darker than Nerello Mascalese (though still not very dark), less tannic, earlier-ripening and black-fruited, it adds colour, body and alcohol to the blend – “the Merlot to Mascalese’s Cabernet”, according to one Etna producer.

Decanting Club wines containing: Nerello Cappuccio / Mantellato

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